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The Tikvah Crisis Aesthetics

Story Blurb:

Space Opera Adventure with WWII vibes + Strong Family Themes + Missing Princess + Sass

Royal Hostages Aesthetic

Story Blurb:

Rafe just wants to keep his brother and sister from being casualties in his father’s war. Saskia only wants to be able to command her own destiny. Corentin wants to use his weather magic and make his family proud. None of them were ready for the war.

Seven kingdoms have been forced to give up hostages. Three siblings caught between the expectations of their father, saving the innocent, and the only way to truly save the ones they love.

Magic + Cops Aesthetic

Story Blurb:

Clara had no intention of ever being a magic cop. When she is wrongly convicted and sentenced with magic cancelling cuffs, she is tossed into the world of law enforcement. Her job is to upholding the magical and mundane laws that hold Victorensia in a carefully balanced stasis.

What really happens? A whole lot of shenanigans, team dynamics, coffee drinking, and snark. A LOT of snark. Also, pumpkin beer, mermaids, and traffic citations (for parking a magical bicycle on the mundane side of the street).

Band of Seven Series Aesthetic

Story Blurb:

Set in the same universe as The Tikvah Crisis, this series shows a tight-knit group of friends-that-are-chosen-family. Each book is meant to be a story featuring one of the crew. Christopher “Kitt” / Allister / Catherine “Caro” / Quinn / Veronica “Nica” / Garrett / Rejoice (not all pictured)

Transplanted Aesthetic

Story Blurb:

1940’s Indiana Jones meets National Treasure vibes

Cedric “Cannon” Tallis had no idea his life was about to change. Suddenly entrusted with the guardianship of four young children, he really has no idea how to interact with them. Josh, Mags, Victoria, and Sandy aren’t sure what to make of him, either. An unexpected trip to Peru on behalf of the government + meeting Maggie (an archaeologist / librarian) + shenanigans = a rollicking adventure + found family themes.

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