All My Tomorrows

Shirt: @crabapplebooks “Let’s make a deal. We don’t borrow tomorrow’s problems today.”

May, 2021:

As I boarded my flight back to work, I was musing over the multiple hurdles that had appeared to mess up the timing and details of my trip. I could definitely see the hand of God working in the matter to get it “resolved” — that is, to get me back to work. He’d also given me a huge peace about the entire thing. Even the flights back were good in many ways. Unexpectedly sitting in “premium economy” vs “basic economy” was a lovely perk. 

Looking forward, there’s still another leg of my journey to get back to my assigned job station. There’s also a lot that can still go wrong, and if it does or doesn’t, it is still in God’s hands. I was chuckling to myself ruefully about the fact that this journey should “end” on my birthday. Not exactly what I’d have chosen as a birthday present. As I told my mom, “His ways are definitely not MY ways!” 

And as the thought came… another memory came along with it. Back in September 2001, just a week before 9-11 rocked our world, God gave me a word. He told me to “trust Him with my tomorrows” — that “He would answer for each and every one of them… and that they would be better than I could ever dream or imagine.” That word has been played out over and over and over again. I know He holds my tomorrows. All of them. 

He’s given far more than I could have dreamed at the age of 15, and I trust that He will continue to take care of the rest of the days. And as I thought about the fact that “He’s got this”… I was suddenly reminded that he holds the good days — AND the “not-so-good” days. His tomorrow’s might not always look great or happy or easy. 

What was important wasn’t the promise of blessing. It was the fact that HE is in control. Outside of His sovereignty, nothing can happen. I chuckle a bit remembering a conversation with my best friend, where the now (in) famous phrase “You’re not that powerful” was applied to the worry about “messing up” God’s plan and His will for our lives. It was a joke at the time. But… if I truly think about it, if I believe that God is Omnipotent (all powerful) and Omniscient (all knowing)… how can it NOT be true? We’re not that powerful. 

I don’t want to get sucked into a discussion about predestination vs free-will, but I believe He is in control and nothing happens outside His control. Period. And the relief and blessing that is… its unreal, honestly. But I’m losing the thread. 

All of my tomorrows. That means, He’s promised that He’s going to answer for each and every one of them — they are His. The tough ones. The hard ones. The heartbreaking ones. The joy filled ones. ALL. OF. THEM. So as I prepare to walk into what has the potential to be a dark and challenging period, my focus needs to be on Him. Not on the circumstances. Not on the behaviors of others. Not on the day to day hustle and bustle. On Him. 

Because He’s got this. 

-Soli Deo Gloria-

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